U/Z’s Dean Zipser, a former president of the Orange County Bar Association who has remained very active in the OCBA, had kind words to say about incoming OCBA president Todd Friedland in two recent articles.

In a Daily Journal article on January 21, 2015, Dean commented on Todd and his plans for his term as OCBA president, noting, “Todd is universally well liked, well respected, and well connected.  He’s the kind of guy who has a lot of ideas, but he’s a good listener with an open mind.  That’s a really important quality in a bar president.”

In a lighter vein, Dean co-authored an article in the January issue of Orange County Lawyer entitled “Six Degrees of Todd Friedland” in collaboration with Tiffanny Brosnan, John Stephens, and Mei Tsang.

When asked “What do you think Todd’s presidency will bring to the OCBA?”, Dean responded: “Catered dinners and hip-hop music at all OCBA events? Seriously, based on our many discussions, I know that Todd has been thinking ahead and already has some great ideas for our Bar Association—and that’s not counting those he may get from his “Hey Todd” campaign. Todd is singularly focused on making the OCBA better and I have no doubt he will do so.”

The entire article is available here.

February 1, 2016 󰀄