Umberg/Zipser LLP (U/Z) is honored to be named 2020 Law Firm of the Year by the Veterans Legal Institute (VLI), based on its strong pro bono support for VLI and its veteran clients. The firm will be recognized at the VLI annual Lawyers for Warriors Networking and Fundraising Event on September 21.

VLI is dedicated to providing pro bono legal services to homeless, at risk, disabled and low income veterans that remove barriers to housing, healthcare, education and employment. Proceeds from Lawyers for Warriors Event will ensure that veterans can receive free legal services so they can thrive. Learn more here:

U/Z has been a long-standing supporter of VLI and its important work in the community. In addition to its support through pro bono legal work, U/Z co-founding partner, Senator and veteran Tom Umberg, is a retired colonel in the U.S. Army. He served with the 2nd Infantry Division in South Korea and with NATO forces in Italy, and as a paratrooper with the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, U.S. Army Special Warfare Center and the XVIIIth Airborne Corps.


February 21, 2020 󰀄